Lead Generation

Opus’s custom lead generation service provides unique and highly accurate B2B contact lists that can help you jumpstart your marketing. With our business lead generation services there will be no more wasting of sales cycles on prospects that don't pan out.

Quality database plays important role in your business. Many businesses are besieged with their existing database which does not produce results according to their expectations. Reasons could be, Database too old, do not have the accurate info of the contact or do not have the target lists for the business at all.

Sometimes finding right contacts for your email campaigns & telemarketing becomes the biggest challenge. Buying new lists, contacts are also a problem cause of the high pricing of the vendors. We have the solution for every problem you face with existing database and your requirements not only with the pricing but also the quality of the database. We are very focused towards our list services since leads are the backbone of every market effort & sales activity for your business. ”. We provide the following services under Lead Generation

  • List Creation - Any Geography, Any Title, Any Business.
  • List Append - Premium solution for filling the missing info or a cure for your existing database, we can fill any kind of info which is missing in your database.
  • List Verification - Get your contacts telephonically verified with verified emails of your contacts.
Our Process

Our Lead Generation Phase consist of four phases

  • Lead-Gen Data Collection
  • Lead-Gen Data Verification
  • Lead-Gen Data Compilation
  • Lead-Gen Data Delivery

Why Opus – Key Differentiators

  • The most important difference is that our services are completely customizable which means we work as per your need. You send us the company names or the criteria or any other details and we work on that project.
  • We pull out data from more than 85 paid business directories / through internet research / by calling / internal database.
  • Thirdly, all our data is 100% verified by phone and email and is absolutely up to date.
  • Fourthly, you get the data in a XL sheet. You own the data.
  • We deliver more than 4000 customized records every month.
  • We provide 24 hours online customer support for all you queries related to our services and ongoing projects.
  • We charge for our services once we deliver the project.

Lead Generation

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