Who we are?

A rapidly growing company across globe, Opusing, Headquartered in Boston, USA is growing with a phenomenal pace by acquiring leading companies in competing spaces and keeping a 360 degree presence.

Opusing works in “Collaborative Effort” to channelize strengths of an organization to deliver Multi-platform Business Critical & Innovative IT Solutions in a variety of verticals worldwide.

Opusing LLC is a global provider of enterprise business solution, implementation and support of enterprise-wide products, and cutting edge technologies and offers a range of services including IT Consulting, Implementation, Training, Software development and Integration, Financial Planning & Reporting, Corporate Strategy, Management Consulting, IMS, IT Operations, Staff Augmentation & HR Outsourcing, Customer Relations. Opusing caters to the Enterprise Customers through its range of services from Software Application Development and IT Consulting.

Why Us?
  • Dedicated and responsive technocrats with proven track record to deliver high quality end-to-end enterprise solutions
  • Provide specialization and customization to meet your organization’s needs
  • Consists of unique hybrid onshore/offshore model that helps generate a cost-effective solution
  • Assists in growing your business by maximizing returns and cutting IT costs

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