Opusing LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer, provides enterprise business solution, implementation and support of enterprise-wide products, and cutting edge technologies and offers a range of services including IT & Non IT Staffing, HR Outsourcing, Product development and Integration, Corporate Strategy and Management Consulting.

Opusing LLC is headquartered in Boston-USA and has 12 offices in US, 5 offices in Canada, and one office each in India and UK.

Opusing LLC provides awesome work atmosphere that nurtures team spirit and encourages learning and growth. Opusing offers a vibrant multinational culture along with a time-tested performance management system that focuses on results to ensure that excellent performance is tracked, nurtured and rewarded.

At Opusing, we believe in “Collaborative Effort” to channelize strengths of our teams; we strive to give employee a sense of discovery by offering the opportunity to work in different industry verticals and service practices as well as the latest technology platforms.

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