Market Research

Quantitative Research

CATI (Telephonic Interviews)

Telephone surveys are one of the most preferred choices that carries the potential to maximize response rates and helps in maintaining complete control over the quality of the data collected through a standardized questionnaire from a sample population.

In Opusing LLC, are well backed by a pool of dedicated professionals who are proficient in collecting data in an accurate and complete format. Opusing LLC adheres to quality standards in conducting cost effective and accurate telephonic surveys in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Offering best-in-class services round the clock, our CATI team efficiently works in multiple shifts and are well versed in a diverse array of market research surveys that encompasses: C-Level Interviews, Consumer Surveys, In-depth Interviews, B2B Surveys, Market Assessment Surveys, Opinion Polls, Brand Image and Awareness Research, Employee/ Customer Satisfaction Surveys and more.

Prior to conducting telephonic surveys, we take initiative in designing questionnaires that are pretested with complete focus on:

  • Logistical clarity
  • Proper answer sets
  • Proper wording

Our thorough evaluative pretests of instruments in survey questionnaire ensure sure shot success of any telephonic surveys.

Face 2 Face:

Face to Face surveys maybe time consuming and costly, however the face-to-face survey method collected data is practically looked upon as a scientific fact.

Opusing LLC employees a well trained staff of supervisors and Interviewers with a national coverage spanning across industries, languages, and consumers.

The most common issue that the MR agencies face today with F2F methodology is "No Shows". To counter this issue we have a well-trained interviewing staff who fix their own appointments before going for the interview, instead of using a third person to fix appointments for them. This helps the interviewing staff to build a rapport with the respondent even before they visit them resulting in very low "No Show" rate.

Qualitative Interviews

Opusing LLC has extensive experience in a wide range of qualitative research approaches and is able to design customized solutions for the exploration of sensitive or complex research issues. Our team is experienced in commercial research for testing and evaluating new products and services as well as the attitudes and motivations of clients and customers.

How your potential customers feel and what motivates them

Our experienced qualitative researchers go beyond what people say to provide an understanding of what motivates them and what they think and feel. The technique is exploratory in nature and we would generally recommend qualitative research to:

  • Provide insight into the reasoning and belief structures that shape people’s attitudes and actions;
  • Explore driving attitudes, motivations, and underlying values that may influence attitudes and actions;
  • Identify perceptions that drive particular behaviors;
  • Inform questionnaire design by identifying issues and topics for quantification in surveys;
  • Develop and evaluate concepts for new products and services.

Opusing LLC qualitative researchers conduct focus group discussions and in-depth interviews across metropolitan, regional and rural regions using a variety of projective techniques and direct and indirect questioning approaches.

Focus Groups

The success of focus group discussion as a market research technique is based on the moderator’s ability to create a relaxed environment and at the same time develop sufficient trust so that participants are comfortable about speaking candidly and giving free expression to their experiences and attitudes. This technique offers an effective forum for the presentation of stimulus material and the evaluation and development of creative concept material.

The group environment encourages the flow of spontaneous discussion and enables the moderator to probe and explore new issues of interest as they emerge. Spontaneous interjections are encouraged and stimulated; they add new dimensions sometimes previously overlooked.

The reactor can provide invaluable, additional insights in the focus group environment providing real time graphs or respondents reactions to ideas, themes and stimulus materials. The reactor dials are idea for groups or participants can react via their smartphones.

In-depth Interviews

Although in-depth interviews do not have the same dynamic stimulation of the focus group discussion they do provide a deeper, more personal understanding of the individual’s underlying motivations, attitudes and behavior. The findings from in-depth interviews provide a basis for insightful strategic recommendations. In-depth interviews are an effective qualitative technique for discussing sensitive issues or for specialized or difficult to recruit consumers.

At Opusing LLC, we have undertaken in-depth interviews with senior executives, business people, welfare recipients, the aged and indigenous people, as well as many other important groups (health specialists, teachers, students, drug users, gamblers, etc.).

Online Panel

Our panel is consists of over 6 million consumers in the US, B2B, IT and robust International Partnership Network. Opusing LLC is a highly respected, point-critical vendor to many of the world’s leading research companies. Opusing LLC has tied up with several other panel providers to ensure that our clients will get the "Right Response at Right Time and that too with Quality". We have our vendor partners across the globe. We cater to various industries like B2B (IT), B2C, Healthcare, Travel, Energy, Automotive, Telecommunications and many more.

Opusing LLC provides access to highly profiled respondents that register via our double-opt-in process Online Surveys have a quick turnaround time and are cost effective. Opusing LLC has a strong online panel for:

  • Consumers
  • IT Managers
  • IT Professionals;
  • C-Level
  • And other LOB

The respondents for our Online Surveys are categorized under the following demographics

  • Age
  • Genderender
  • Marital Status
  • Education
  • Employment Status
  • Annual Income
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Job Titles
  • Industry
  • Level Of influence

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